Program for analysis and planning results of casino games. An indispensable product for casino management (and for advanced players).
It is helpfull in solving many casino math problems.

jim kilby casino

It helps to Calculate:

  • probability of discount give out and its average size (for a specified number of hands played).
  • necessary money amount for a game-specific rates.
  • Theoretical Gain and Trip Standard Dediation(TSD).
  • other casino expense to player such as bar, lottery, bonuses  etc.
  • real mathematical expectation for given conditions of the game after discount and casino expenses.
  • “breakeven point” with probabilities of 66, 95, 99% (Is measured in a number of hands)

And include module for single zero roulette (EV and Dispersion calculator):

Roulette single zero EV and Dispersion calculator
Roulette single zero EV and Dispersion calculator